YouTube Advertising One billion users. 30 million active viewers every day. If you want to reach millions to make millions, YouTube advertising is the strategy for you.

Captivate audiences, drive clicks, skyrocket sales. If you want real marketing ROI, you need to
engage consumers where they spend their time. For over one billion people across the world,
that’s on YouTube. In fact, one third of all online activity is now spent watching videos. There
are over 30 million daily active users on YouTube every single day. That’s more than the whole
population of Australia. Here’s the kicker – this audience is not mindlessly scrolling through
videos, as on other social media channels. They use YouTube video for entertainment or help
with everything from cooking to exercise, tech tips to business inspiration, and more. They are
involved in what they are watching. YouTube claims that 95% of time spent watching video on is
full-screen and with the sound on. So, when you advertise on YouTube, you are not just reaching
a huge audience, you are reaching a huge engaged audience. That’s where the real magic
happens. A targeted YouTube ads campaign will reach the people who are interested in what
you have to offer. We focus our marketing in a way that resonates with and compel potential
customers to act. Our experience shows that these targeted campaigns deliver some of the
lowest costs per view, meaning your business can get MASSIVE exposure and deliver HUGE
revenue impact.

Dominate digital with the world’s most explosive channel. Is it really possible to ramp up
revenue with YouTube advertising? Yes! We know because we’ve worked with businesses to
launch campaigns that reach millions of viewers and create millions in revenue. Google's
YouTube platform is growing at an incredible rate. Not just on the small screen, either. With the
YouTube app available on a vast range of smart TVs, gaming consoles and streaming devices, TV
represents YouTube’s fastest growing screen type. Target a growing audience watching YouTube
via a TV screen, as well as small screens, and the growth opportunities are explosive. Our Gurus
are here to identify new opportunities to pinpoint your target audience, engage them and drive
the actions you want. Every message on your YouTube channel is marketed to your target
audience based on two things: what we know about them, and what your marketing objective
is. Then, we refine the content, messaging and targeting to deliver the maximum return on your
ad budget. It’s all part of our YouTube advertising services.

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