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So let's get into it then shall we? 

Where did it begin, this maleable transition into what is now known as Digital Marketing.

It all started in around 2005, I want to say. I always wanted to work at a record label. Didn't care which one, didn't care what I did, I loved music and wanted to be around it all day every day so I wanted to work at a record label. Problem was, I'd no schooling or anything even related to working in the various sections a label needs to operate. 

So what to do? Go back to school, study and try and get in that way?

Or come up with my own ingenious plan to get in the back way?

I went the back way. I tried applying for a sales role, they said no you need sales experience in the music industry.

So I took a step back. OK, need sales experience, music industry. Got it! Record store. Went for an interview, again, no sales experience, no job. 

My god I thought, do all businesses think about are sales! Don't they care about the MUSIC, MAN!.....(I later realised just how naive I was in this statement)

So I took ANOTHER step back and went to a friend. 

'Look friend, you own a Subway, I don't want to work there and I don't really need the cash but I do need experience in sales so can I work here a couple days a week for a few months?'

'Sure,' he said, 'beats the hell out of working with these idiots.' (Said idiots probably still work there)

So I worked there for a few months until I noticed another job at another record store advertised. I knew I had it now. I'd the skills they wanted and the drive I carried and it would be a shoe in.

I strolled on in and would you believe you me, actually managed to snag the job!

I know right, who on earth would hire this guy? >>>

Well they did and so I was one step closer to phase 3 of my evil plan.

I started getting into the swing of things and quickly realised that the best way to get into a record label was to buddy up with one of the sales reps and see if I could sweet talk my way in. So I became the media buyer at the record store and dealth with record labels every day and decided how many copies of what to buy and what to put where to help them out etc.

Back in the day record labels would pay BIG MONEY to get one of their releases set up at the front of the store, or right near the checkout. You would have seen those flimsy cardboard cutouts of bands or artists with their records sitting in them.

Adam Daley Founder & CEO | TCR Marketing

Adam Hollywood                                        CEO of TCR Marketing

So I did this for about 6 months and decided which label I wanted to go with. Warner Brothers Music. They had The Used, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Linkin Park, Jay Z, Madonna, and a heap of other great artists. It was as much the artists I wanted to work with as the label in itself. 

So after buddying up to the record label rep I managed to score a lunch with the head of sales and sweet talk my way in to working as a sales rep for the record label.

I had done it!

I had broken the norm and managed to mould myself a role that didn't really exist before then.

I was in charge of the marketing of the sales material. So setting up instore performances, a lot of Public Relations work, a lot of speaking with artists and record store owners and event managers and artist managers etc. It was great.

It wasn't until I started working on the BIGGER marketing that I really found my groove though. I started pitching to Radio, then to TV and TV shows, getting bands on TV shows to promote them, getting radio releases to promote, spending thousands of dollars on 30 second album teasers on radio and TV. Spending HUNDREDS of thousands on massive billboards in the middle of Sydey City.

It was WAAAAY different to how it is today in our consumer driven, now now now world.

I did this for maybe 5 or 6 years and then the band I was in signed a deal to tour the US and UK, I left Warner and started my travels with the band. As you earn absolutely NOTHING in a band, barely enough to eat off I started running other bands marketing for them as I knew how to do it. This was when MySpace was around and Facebook was only just starting out. I was running a lot of content marketing, I'd learnt how to copywrite quite well at Warner, writing sales letters and copy pages for new releases and tours.

So I was doing this while we were touring, to make extra money and to keep my skill set up as things were changing rapidly in the marketing world. For the last 50 years a TV, a Radio, a Newspaper or a Billboard ad was all you needed to get rapid growth. Then all of a sudden in the span of about 5-10 years it became almost obsolete to simply market on those channels and not use the internet. Using the internet was becoming a must for businesses and I still can't believe that to this day some businesses think that online advertising doesn't work. They must have either been burned in the past or have an extremely voided view on how it all works as it is by far, the strongest form of advertising we've had at our disposal in the history of advertising.

You can now pinpoint down to the person you want to advertise to. 21 yr old, female, income of $40k, lives in Sydney, owns and likes cats, likes going clubbing on the weekend, dirt bike riding, surfing, ice skating, likes wine, cheese and spending time with her friends at the footy. Likes going to the movies and muscle mania etc.

Now with that type of info on EVERY SINGLE 2 BILLION PEOPLE that use social media, do you really think that you're not going to be able to find your target avatar?

It's insansity NOT to think it. These programs we use, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, all of these platforms know more about us than we have any right to actually know. Remember when you used to 'check in' on Facebook at places you liked? Well now if I'm advertising for that restaurant I can target you, I can target you if you live in the general area, I can target you if you like a certain magazine or meal or any of hundreds of different tricks we have access to as digital marketers.

Now I know I've gotten a bit off topic here, and I DO apologies for wasting your prescious time, I just wanted to point out the fact that what we do is extremely powerful, and after I had transitioned from traditional into digital completely, I had become an absolute GUN with online marketing and advertising.

Aside from all of this super fun fun-ness, we are also Mental Health Advocates and give a percentage of all retainers to Mens Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness. So if you'd also like to be a part of something special like that, then let's talk. Become a partner with us and be seen as a mental health advocate also.

So if you're tired of the Nissan with self deploying air bags as it's main add on and looking for the Ferrari or Maserati with all the rocknroll flair of Digital Marketing and Advertising, then get in contact now.

It will be the best decision you and your business make all year, every year.

To your success,